Index to Model Rocketry Magazine

 Volume.I: October 1968 To September 1969

Compiled by Douglas W. List

(Scanned from December 1970 Model Rocketry magazine by David Stribling)





Aerospace Modeling Activities

  First Annual Smithsonian Sponsors Aerospace Modeling Activities

    Aug 69 p25-5 il

Altitude Calculation and Prediction

  Model Rocket Altitude Calculations

     Caporaso, George J. Oct 68 p 11-2 il

  Non-Vertical Trajectory Analysis

     Caporaso, George J. Feb 69 p 6 il

  Technical Notes

       Caporaso George J. Nov 68 p 7

  Technical Notes

       Caporaso, George J. Apr 69 p24 il

Altitude Optimization

  Altitude Optimization of Single-Stage Designs-Technical Notes

       Caporaso, George J. Sep 69 p 4


  Flight of Apollo 8 The

       Flynn, George Feb 69 p7-9 il


  Apollo 9: As We Saw It

       Mandell, Gordon K. Apr 69 p6-8 il


  Visions of Destiny

       Mandell, Gordon K. Sep 69 p21-6 il

Apollo-11, Photographs

  GPO Offers Apollo 11 Photographs  Sep 69 p12

Apollo-11 and Model Rocketry

  Model Rocketeers Witness Apollo 11 Lift-off

       Sep 69 p24-5 il

  NAR Modelers Represent U.S. Youth in Japanese Interview

       Sep 69 p22

  NASA Nixes Stine’s Scale Moon-Launch

  Sep 69 p23

Apollo Space Program

  Project Apollo

       Flynn, George Nov 68 p 5-6 il

Australia, Model Rocketry in

  Model Rocketry Down Under-The OldRocketeer

       Stine, G. Harry Jun 69 p 20-1




Body Tubes

  Body Tube Guide

       Milkie,Thomas Jun 69 p 26-7 il

Books, Reviews

  Model Spacecraft Construction

     Flynn, George Feb 69 p 13

Boost/Gliders, Radio Controlled

  Radio Controlled Boost/Glider, The

  Malewicki, Douglas

       Part 1 - Aug 69 p5-9 il

       Part 2 - Sep 69 p36-9 il

       Continued Into Volume 2




Centuri Engineering Compeny

  Centuri Little Joe II Presented to the Smithsonian

       Sep 69 p12-3 il

Closed-Breech Launchers

  Closed-Breech Launcher, The - Wayward Wind

       Mandell, Gordon K. May 69 p 34-7 il

Clustered Rockets

  Getting Started In Clustering

       Barkes, Kevin Aug 69 p 22-3 il

Conventions, see

  MIT Convention

  Pittsburgh Convention

  Southwestern Model Rocketry Conference


  Convert the Saturn Scale to "Big F" Power

       Kritzman, Harold Jul 69 p19-22 il

Czechoslovakia, Model Rocketry in

  Czechoslovakian National Championship

       Saffek, Otakar Sep 69 p 32-5 il




Data Recording and Processing

  Model Rocket Bookkeeping Made Relatively Simple

       Barkes, Kevin Jul 69 p26-8 il


  How to Apply Decals

       Flynn, George Oct 68 p 13 il

Demonstration Launches

  How to Run a Demonstration Launch

     Milkie, Tom Apr 69 p 9-10 il

Designs, Contest


    Apex I

       Caporaso, George J. Oct 68 p 8-10 il

    Cosmic Avenger

         Caporaso, George J. Feb 69 p 20-1 il


         Andres, Charles Aug 69 p 31 il


    Flatcat - The Old Rocketeer

       Stine, G. Harry Aug 69 p42-S il

    see also: Boost Gliders, Radio Controlled


    Egglofter II

       Oct 68 p 30-1 il


       Lidderdale, Tancred Sep 69 p 30-1 1$

    see also: Designs, Payload; Versitex



       Caporaso, George J. Mar 69 p 22-3 il

    R.H. Goddard

       Lidderdale, Tancred Apr 69 p 4.5 il

Designs, Payload

  Centaur B

       Brown, Lawrence Jun 69 p 18-9 il


       Starling, John Nov 68 p 19-21 il


       Luken, Bill Nov 68 p2-4 il

  see also: Designs, Contest: EGG LOFTING and PAYLOAD

Designs, Scale (* indicates Astroscale)

  *Arcas - The Old Rocketeer

     Stine, G. Harry Apr 69 p 19-23 il


     Stine, G. Harry May 69 p22-6 il

  Astrobee 1500

     Duelfer, Charles Jul 69 p 11-3 il

  *Black Brant III

     Stine, G. Harry Aug 69 p 5-8 il

  Bomarc B

     Oct 68 p14-8 il


     Mar  p16-i il

  Little Joe II

     Sep 69 p44-6 il


     Flynn, George Nov 68 p 15-7 il


     Feb 69 p16-i il

  Rohini RH-75

     Mandell, Gordon K. Aug 69 p27-9 il

  *Tomahawk IQSY

     Stine, G. Harry Jun 69 p5-8 il

  Viking IV

     Flynn, George Jan 69 p15-i il

     Color Scheme - May 69 p 3 il

Designs, Sport

  Avenger II

     Caporaso, George J. Jan 69 p 12-3 il


     Milkie Tom Mar 69 p10-2 il


     Aug 69 p16-i

  Flying Candelabra

     Uchno, Ed Jun 69 pp28-9 il


     Starling, John W. May 69 p 32-3 il


     Bean, Al Jul 69 p28-9 il

  Infinite Loop

     Uchno, Ed May 69 p8-9 il


     Pasqualoni, Anthony Apr 69 p 12-3 il


     Milkle, Tom Jan 69 p6-i il


     Starling, John Jul 69 p 32 il


     Milkie, Tom Feb 69 p4-5 il

Drag Coefficients

  Calculating Drag Coefficients

     Caporaso, George J Nov 68 p 18 il





  ECRM-3 NAR Competition

     Sipes, Richard Jul 69 p 16-8 il

Educational Use of Model Rockets

  Model Rocketry Expanding in California Elementary Schools

     Sep 69 p 12-3

Estes Industries

  Estes Industries Holds Open House

     May 69 p 10

  Estes Saturn Presented to Smithsonian

     Jun 69 p 14 il

  see also: HIAA, Manufacturers


  Technical Notes

     Caporaso, George Jan 69 p 5,Ju1 69 p 31




Field Kits, see

  Range Boxes

Fin Construction

  Interlocking Fins - Wayward Wind

     Mandell, Gordon K. Jul 69 p 36-8 il

Finishing Model Rockets

  How to Finish Model Rockets

     Milkie, Tom Mar 69 p 14-S il

  Using Super-Monokote on Model Rockets

     Milkie, Tom Jan 69 p 10 il

  see also: Decals

Finless Rockets

  Dragstab: A rocket without fins

     Milkie, Tom Oct 68 p 2-4 il

Flexwing Recovery

  Model Rocket Recovery by Extensible Flexwing

     Mandell, Gordon K. Nov 68 p 8-1 4 il

Foxmitter, see

  Transmitters, Model Rocket




Gregorek, David M.

  NAR Loses Prominent Modeler

     Sep 69 p 43




HIAA (Hobby Industry Association of America)

  Chicago Trade Show Caper or Secret Agent 002 Strikes Again

     Apr 69 p 14-5

  HIAA Issues Statements to Manufacturers

     Sep 69 p 13

  HIAA to Assist with State Laws

     Aug 69 p 33




Ignition of Model Rockets

  Ignition Technology - Wayward Wind

     Mandell, Gordon K. Jun 69 p 33-7 il

  Positive Ignition - The Old Rocketeer

     Stine, G. Harry May 69 p 16-17 il


  Inertias by Torsion Wire

     Mandell, Gordon K. Apr 69 p 16-8 il

Instrumentation, see





Krushnik Effect

  Krushnik Effect takes 2nd in Science Fair

     Jun 69 p 14 il




Launch Systems

  Constructing a $25 Club Launch Panel

     Golub, Roger Mar 69 p13 il

  Design and Construction of a Club Launch Panel

     Caporaso George J. Jan 69 p 8-9 il

  Minimum Resistance Launch System, A

     Chessin, Stephen A. Jan 69 p 21-2 il

  Misfire Alley - The Old Rocketeer

     Stine,G. Harry Jul 69 p 23-5 il

Launchers, Closed Breech, see

  Closed Breech Launchers

Launchers, Tower, see

  Tower Launchers

Leader Administrative Council

  Leader Administrative Council

     Aug 69 p 37-8

Legal Aspects of Model Rocketry

  Defiance, Ohio, Bans Model Rockets

     Aug 69 p 32

  HIAA to Assist with State Laws

     Aug 69 p 33

  Legal... lllegal...AAGHH

     Kukowski, James Sep 69 p 41

  Massachusetts Law Debated

     Jun 69 p 15

  Model Rocketry Legalized in Riverside County, California

     Jul 69 p 14

  NAR Rules Against Valkyrie-II

     May 69 p 10

Ley, Dr. Willey 1906-1969

  Ad Astra Per Aspera - Dr. Willey Ley

     Stine, G. Harry Aug 69 p 32 il

Literature, Technical: Abstract

  Technical Notes

       Caporaso, George J. May 69 p 18

Los Angeles Model Rocket Facilities

  $5,000 Model Rocket Facility for Los Angeles

     Feb 69 p 18




Manufacturers, Model Rocket

  Manufacturers, The - The Old Rocketeer

     Stine, G. Harry Feb 69 p 12-3 il

Misfire Alley, see

  Launch Systems

MIT Convention - 1969

  MIT Convention, The

     Flynn, George Jun 69 p 30-2 il

Model Rocket Space Clubs

  MRSC Schedules Division Convention

     Jun 69 p 15

Model Rocket Transmitters, see

  Transmitters, Model Rocket

Model Rocketeer

  Model Rocketeer to be Featured in Model Rocketry

     Jul 69 p 15




NAR - Divisions: Midwest and Southwest

  NAR Names Division Managers for Midwest and Southwest

     Jul 69 p 15

NAR - Field Trips

  Visit to NASA Lewis Research Center

     Jul 69 p 14

NAR - Section Activities

  NAR Section Activities Reorganized

     May 69 p 10

NARAM, History of

  From Colorado to Colorado, The Story of the NARAM

     Aug 69 p 35-6 il


  NARAM-11 Events Announced

National Fire Protection Association

  NFPA Adopts Model Rocket Code

Nov 68 p 22

New Canaan YMCA Space Pioneers

  Stine Presents Saturn to New Canaan YMCA

     May 69 p 10





  Technical Notes

     Caporaso, George J. Feb 69 p 10

  see also: Transmitters, Model Rocket

Performance of Model Rockets

  Staged vs Cluster Model Rocket Performance

     Wysgalla, Peter May 69 p 27-30 il

Photography by Model Rockets

  Color Aerial Photography

     Flynn, George Sep 69 p 19-20 il

  High Quality Aerial Photography

     Fox, Richard Q.

     Part 1 -Nov 68 p 23-4 il

     Part2 -Jan 69 p 23-4 il

     Part 3-Mar 69 p 8 il

  Model Rocket Carries Movie Camera

     Feb 69 p19 il

Pittsburgh Convention

  Pittsburgh Spring Convention, The

     May 69 p 19-21 il

Plastics in Model Rocketry

  Plastic Scale Modeling - The Old Rocketeer

     Stine, G. Harry Sep 69 p 27-9 il




Radio Controlled Model Rockets, see

  Boost/Gliders, Radio Controlled

Range Boxes

  What's in a Range Box?

     Barkes, Kevin Jun 69 p 22-3 il

Ravens (Scale Modeling Group), see

  Scale Modeling clubs, organizations, etc.

Recovery Devices, see

  Flexwing Recovery, Retrofire Recovery

Relativistic Model Rocketry

  Caporaso, George Apr 69 p 29-30 il

Retrofire Recovery

  Retrofire Recovery - Wayward Wind

     Mandell, Gordon K. Aug 69 p 14-6 il

Rutland, Vermont

  Recreation Dept. Organizes Rocket Activities in Rutland, Vt.

     Aug 69 p 32




Saffek’s Saturn

  Old Rocketeer, The

     Stine, G. Harry Mar 69 p 6-7 il


  WRESAT, The First Australian Satellite

     May 69 p 11-4 il


  Model Rocketry for the Depraved

     Davis, Joel S. Feb 69 p 14-5 il

Scale Modeling Clubs, Organizations, Etc.

  NAR Scale Modeling Group Formed (Ravens)

     Jul 69 p14

Schools, Use of Model Rockets by,see

  Educational Use of Model Rocketry

Smithsonian Institute, see

  Aerospace Modeling Activities, First Annual

  Centuri Engineering Co.

  Estes Industries

Songs, Underground of the NAR


     Apr 69 p 10


     Jun 69 p 15

  Un-named (Harry Loves Us)

     Mar 69 p 31

Sounding Rockets, Prototype

  Sounding Rockets

     Jan 69 p 3-4 il

  Thumba Rocket Range, The

     Mama, Hormuz P. Jun 69 p 10-31 il

  Wallops Station

     Elliot, Jackson S. Oct 68 p 6-7 il

Southwestern Model Rocketry Conference

  Southwestern Model Rocketry Conference

     Jun 69 p 14

  Southwestern Model Rocketry Conference, The

     Sep 69 p 14-6 il

Soviet Space Program

  Soviet Space Program, The

     Sheldon, Charles S.II Jul 69 p 4-10 il


  YMCA Space Pioneers Schedule Record Trials

     Jun 69 p 15


  Problem in Stability, A

     Milkie, Tom Jan 69 p 18-20 il

  Stability, Dynamic

  Fundamentals of Dynamic Stability

     Mandell, Gordon K.

       Part 1 - Oct 68 p 21-9 il

       Part 2 - Nov 68 p 25-31 il

       Part 3 - Jan 69 p 26-31 il

       Part 4 - Feb 69 p 23-30 il

       Part 5 - Mar 69 p 25-30 il

       Corrections - Apr 69 p28

  Technical Notes

     Caporaso, George J. Jun 69 p24




Thumba Rocket Range, India

  Thumba Rocket Range, The

     Mama, Hormuz P. Jun 69 p 10-3 il

Tower Launchers

  Bring Back Those Towers - Wayward Wind

     Mandell, Gordon K. Apr 69 p 25-6 il

Tracking Lights

  Theory and Construction of a Transistorized Tracking Light

     Mims, Capt. Forrest M. Sep 69 p 9-11 il

Tracking Systems

  Technical Notes

     Caporaso, George Mar 69 p 9

Transmitters, Legal Aspects

  Legal Restrictions on Transmitters

     Kratzer, Carl G. Jun 69 p 9

Transmitters, Model Rocket, Foxmitter

  Building an Inexpensive Model Rocket Transmitter

     Fox, Richard Q.

       Part 1 - The Basic Transmitter May 69 p 5-7 il

       Part 2 - Temperature Sensor Jun 69 p 17-8 il

       Part 3 - Spin Rate Sensor and Direction Finder Jul 69 p 33-4 il

       Part 4 - Accelerometer Aug 69 p 19-21    il

       Part 5 - Payload Carrier Design Sep 69 p 17-8 il

       Continues into Volume Two




Valkyrie-II Rocket, see

  Legal Aspects of Model Rocketry




Wallops Island Station, Virginia

  Wallops Station

     Elliott, Jackson 5. Oct 68 p 6-7 il



     Aug 69 p 10-3 il

Washington State Aero-Modeling Championship

  Washington State Championship

     Jul 69 p 14

Wind Tunnels

  Smoke Tunnel

     Aug 69 p 38-9 il

World Championships

  First World Championships in Yugoslavia in 1970

     Stine, G. Harry Feb 69 p 3